PhaseolusGenes is a web resource for identifying and exploring markers, quantitative-trait loci (QTL), and simple sequence repeat (SSR) region information for Phaseolus vulgaris. Use this database to find marker information and explore them through the associated UCSC Genome Browser and Cmap implementations.

To use PhaseolusGenes, enter a search term to the right or click below for advanced options. You may also enter a sequence to use our online blast tool to blast a sequence against the soybean genome.

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Explore data from various traits, as well as searching sequences.

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Search PhaseolusGenes' QTL list by entering traits in the search box to the right. Alternately, you can see an entire list of searchable traits.

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We have a number of confirmed and predicted SSR regions in the database, accessible by searching to the right, or blasting suspected SSR regions against the soybean genome with our Blast Search feature.

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