Tutorials: Marker Search

The marker search is a tool for locating markers in PhaseolusGenes database.

Look for a marker in the database is easy and can be done by different ways:

Marker name: If you know the name of your marker, type it in in search term, scroll down the search field and choose marker. By default, the results will be all markers with a name that starts with what you type in. For example, if you type in “Pv”, your results might include Pvat, Pvm, etc. The search is not case-sensitive. “BNG” and “Bng” are equivalent searches.
A list of markers corresponding with your search will come up in a new window
Picking the one interesting for you information will show up
Size: If you are interested in a particular size of the marker, enter the number of base pair and choose the option size in the search field tab. Markers with that particular size will be searched on the data base.
Linkage group: Type the number of chromosome to limit results to markers mapped on that chromosome or linkage group and choose linkage group at the search field tab.
Reference: Looking for an author in particular will give you all markers related with that publication. Type the name of an author, paper title and choose reference in the search field window.
Trait: Typing the name of the trait such as Anthracnose, Yield, Seed, etc. and pick the option trait in the search field tab, will give you details about markers related with those traits. By default, the results will be all traits with a name that starts with what you type in. For example, if you type “whi”, white mold.
Type of marker: The markers are grouped as a SSR, RFLP, etc…Entering the type of marker you are looking for will show up all markers belong to that group.